Guitar Amplifier Equipment


For live gigs I usually play a 65 fender strat thats pretty much stock except for Sperzel tuners, a Wilkinson direct replacement bridge and a Seymore Duncan "Little Screamin Demon" strat size direct replacement (meaning same size, no routing necessary) humbucking pickup in the bridge position. This is also wired so I can split it to single coil. I try to stick with one guitar throughout the set so as to develop a kind of repore with that instrument as the night goes on. I also bring a Hamer strat style Daytona that is set up exactly the same except that it has a maple fret board and Seymore Duncan vintage pickups in the neck and the middle positions. I like both of these guitars but the fender has been with me a much longer time (22 years) so Im usually more comfortable starting out with it. If I break a string or something thats cool too because the Hamer sometimes gives me a slightly different perspective that can also be inspiring. The strings I use are Daddario . 009s with the G string lowered from. 016 to. 015. I need to use light strings to keep my tendonitis from flaring up(what a pain in the ass). On tour I quite often have to rent amps so I request in order of preference a Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier "Tremoverb" or a Fender "Hot Rod Deville" then use whatever is available. For effects I use a pro-co rat pedal, a boss tuner pedal, an "Echodrive" (which is an analog delay built with tube circuitry) a boss digital delay pedal, and a Shure wireless unit . In the studio I use an older model (script logo)MXR dynocomp compressor pedal most of the time (not on the fat hollow body guitars)and occasionally a rat pedal but rarely record with effects other than that. I usually use a fender vibroking amp through a boogie 1-12 cabinet with an eminence 70 watt speaker but I have also used a boogie studio 22 and a peavey classic 50. Occasionally Ive gone direct into the board with a sans-amp classic pedal. For guitars I record with the 65 strat, sometimes the Hamer Daytona, a 1959 Gibson ES 345 with a stop tailpiece wired mono with the varitone disconnected, a 1959 Gibson ES 175 with just1 pickup (humbucking, neck position), a 1964 Gibson L-5, a 1964 Martin O-18, a Rimerez nylon string and a Takamine nylon string. Now this is really going to get long as Im going to go song by song with what I used but people ask this stuff. [top ] "AVENUE BLUE" 1. Pick up the Pieces- 175, vibroking 2. Stockholm Prelude - 65 strat, vibroking (internal 3-10 speakers for this CD) 3. Stockholm - same as prelude 4. Gimme Some - 175, vibroking 5. Thats the Way of the World - 345, vibroking 6. Westside Serenade - Hamer Daytona, Peavey classic 50 7. Nightingale -345, vibroking, 1969 fender thinline tele for rhythm 8. Ill be Around - 175 and the 65 strat, direct with sansamp. 9. Atlanta Nights - Martin O-18. 10. Just Goodbye - 345, vibroking, ESP strat with EMG pickups for rhythm 11. Lucy Im Home - L-5 for melody, 345 for solo, I dont remember what amp. I think a 50s tweed fender pro 12. Moon River - 175, sans-amp direct [top ] "NAKED CITY" 1. funky is as funky does-345, vibroking 2. naked city-65strat, vibroking 3. nitpickin-1995 epiphone sheraton, vibroking 4. the conversation-345, vibroking 5. baby Im yours-65 strat, vibroking 6. mama didnt raise no fool-354, vibroking 7. wildflower -takamine nylon string 8. keep th ball rollin-65strat, vibroking 9. the niteowl-354, vibroking 10. tumblin-345, vibroking 11. yohimbe-354. vibroking 12. spooky-65strat, vibroking 13. one more excuse(to play the blues)-L-5, vibroking [top ]

"BLUES FOR YOU"I used the same guitars, amps and effects pedals that Iíve described before with the addition of a 1969 Les Paul Gold Top. It has a one piece body and a 3 piece neck. The pick ups were changed from the original mini humbuckers to full size and replaced with the first run of Gibson reissue PAFís . I donít remember what they were called at the time, but it was about 1990 when I bought them. Iím amazed at how much they sound like the originals. I have that guitar strung with DíAddario 9.5ís I used the Fuchs 50 watt Overdrive Supreme with 1 eminence 12 inch speaker in a Mesa Boogie cabinet on everything.